2018 Liberty Classical Academy Scholarship Drive
First Last Sbup Organization
Khalid and Sara Abdi  
Jason and Wendy Abell Bethlehem College & Seminary
Jason and Caroline Acosta  
Scott and Jennifer Anderson  
Michael and Nghi Anderson  
Arthur and Renate Anderson  
Samy and Betelhem Azhaer  
Jan Bachman  
Giacomo and Alaina Baglio  
Tim and Kristel Barber  
Margaret Barrett  
Brad and Kristine Beale  
Team Bearside  
Ryan and Emily Boog  
Gary and Catherine Brown  
Patrick and Lauren Brown  
Olivia Busch  
Joel and Marty Button  
Jeff and Natalie Button  
Paul and Heather Buum  
Shane Cameron  
Jared and Renee Carlson  
Team Central  
Robin Chelmo  
Team Cityside  
Sarah Clarin, S  
Wade Clarin, W  
Daniel Collins  
Grant and Beth Conklin  
Torsten Copeland  
Ron, Lynn & Heather Cormier  
Amy and Darren DeYoung  
Naomi Dillner  
Keith and Jennica Dixon  
Chris and Amanda Dobbelmann  
David and Shelley Dobrotka  
Benjamin and Haley Dollins  
General Donation  
Joey and Greg Duren  
Marc and Carolyn Durkin  
Team Eastside  
Caitlin Elkins  
Bobby and Susan Emison  
Mark and Sharon Ericksen  
Drew and Alissa Fanberg  
Donald and Mary Fansler  
Eric Fast  
Jim and Therese Faulconbridge  
Brent Fisher  
Isaac and Lindsay Fones  
Don and Lauren Forner  
Tim & Michelle Fortier  
Lara Fosterling  
Angela Gazich  
Meskerem Gebremeskel  
Andrew & Carrie Gess  
Kim & Jim Gilsrud  
Mike and Annie Granger  
Ben and Mandy Granley  
Dawna Gregory  
Jacob Grehn  
Bob and Debbie Grill  
Peter and Rebekah Hagstrom  
John and Jordan Hann  
Mark and Christina Hanson  
Paul and Nancy Harris  
Mark and Debbie Harris  
David and Hillary Healy  
Samantha Hegseth  
Michael and Andrea Heikkinen  
Pamela Henkel  
David and Stephanie Herington  
Bogar and Jennifer Hernandez  
Brian and Dena Hinkle  
Tom Hobday  
Andrew Hofstetter  
Julie Holbrook  
Benjamin Holmgren  
Susanne Horn  
Stephen Huebscher  
Chris and Hilary Imm  
Deb Jacobe  
Cathleen Jacobson  
Skip and Amy Johnson  
Mette Johnson  
Jeff and Rossana Johnson  
Brian and Jamie Kalafatich  
Paul and Suzie Katusky  
Eric and Audrey Kendig  
Randy and Theresa Klarr  
Bob & Carolyn Knieff  
Gordy and Kim Kokx  
Kim Korn  
Nathan Koska  
Jill and Paul Krongard  
Robert and Tonya Kronschnabel  
Wade Kyle  
Family Leach  
Yong and Lana Lee  
Jim Leonard  
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others?"
— Martin Luther King Jr.
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