2018 Liberty Classical Academy Scholarship Drive
Questions and Answers


1.What is the purpose of the Scholarship Drive?

The Scholarship Drive raises money for Liberty’s Scholarship Fund, which aids approximately 35% of the families at our school.  Ninety-five percent (95%) of the money raised through the 2018 Scholarship Drive will be used as financial assistance for the 2018-2019 school year. The remaining five percent (5%) of the money raised will be transferred into the Chris Drager Memorial Scholarship Fund. In the future, we will continue to collect donations towards the Chris Drager Memorial Scholarship Fund until it reaches a point where we can start providing scholarships through this fund instead of the Scholarship Drive. This will enable us to provide scholarships without being completely dependent upon the Scholarship Drive each year. Additionally, it will allow funds raised from the Scholarship Drive to be used towards other specific needs of the school.


2. Are there any fundraising incentives this year?

Yes!  Here are some things to keep you motivated:


  • Tuition Grant Drawings:
    1. Anyone who did not win last year, has raised $2,500 or more and has at least 12 sponsors will be entered in a drawing for a $1,000 tuition award. There will be two of these awards. The grants are contingent upon collection of $2,500 of your pledges by July 1st.
    2. Anyone who did not win last year, has raised at least $500 and has at least 12 different sponsors of $10 or more will be entered in a drawing for a $500 tuition award.  The grant is contingent upon collection of $500 of your pledges by July 1st.
  • All fundraisers will also be eligible for prize drawings on golf day.


3. What are the benefits for businesses if they sponsor me?

A business will receive recognition of their sponsorship in a few different ways. Depending on their gift, businesses will be recognized on Liberty’s website, as well as in our event day program which will be printed in color. This is distributed to all of our Liberty families, and we mail copies to all of our $500+ business sponsors.  We’ll print the ads from businesses that gave in our school directory for the 2018-2019 school year. In addition, business sponsors will be recognized on the golf course throughout the golf event.


Please refer to the Business Sponsorship Flyer for more details. We’ll have a PDF of this document available online to use when e-mailing possible business contacts, and we’ll place extra copies in the office. If you need additional assistance please email scholarshipdrive@libertyclassicalacademy.org.



4. What do I do if I receive a business sponsor?

If you receive a business sponsor of $500, $1,000 or $2,500+, please have the business sponsor your family directly by making a pledge to your family’s webpage. If you do secure a business sponsor, please send us an email, and we will highlight their support on the website in real time, and activate their business hyperlink.


Please have the business e-mail their logo (*.jpg or PDF) to scholarshipdrive@libertyclassicalacademy.org by May 7th so we can include the business in the event program.


5. Can my sponsor pay online using a credit card?
Yes! They are now able to pay directly on your webpage without having to go to PayPal.


6. Can my employer or my sponsors’ employers match funds?
Yes!  We will be happy to complete any forms needed for this process.  If your employer (or sponsor’s employer) offers matching funds, please enter the pledge and match in the following manner:


  1. Enter the pledge and sponsor information on your site as you would normally.
  2. Enter a separate pledge for the matching gift, but enter MATCHING GIFT in the First Name field, enter employee’s name receiving the match in Last Name field (so we can connect it to their original gift), enter the company giving the match in the Company Name field. Fill in the rest of the form with the sponsor’s information.

Contact Bethany Zenner at scholarshipdrive@libertyclassicalacademy.org with questions regarding matching gifts.


7. Do I have to pay for my own golf or food?
If for some reason your fundraising results in less than $500, we still want you to join us! We simply ask that you pay for your own golf and food. It will cost $150 for 9 holes and food, and $75 for just the food and celebration portion.


8. Can I invite a non-Liberty person to golf with me?
Please! If you have a sponsor who has pledged $500 or more, you may invite him/her to join as your guest at no additional charge.  If he/she has not pledged $500+, he/she may join and it will cost $150 for 9 holes and food, and $75 for just the food and celebration portion.


9. I don’t golf. Can I still be involved?
Yes! There are ways to be involved if you want to stay off the course completely. Prior to the celebration, we will offer board games and light refreshments inside the clubhouse beginning at 3 pm on May 11th. At 5 pm, we welcome all to join us for the celebration, and share in the excitement of God’s blessings!


10. Can I get my sponsor list from last year?
They are included in your packet. Please contact Bethany Zenner at scholarshipdrive@libertyclassicalacademy.org if you need clarification or additional information. Those sponsors marked “Incomplete” are sponsors who did not fulfill their pledge last year. Please try to collect from them up-front if you ask them again this year (you can also try to collect last year’s pledge!).


11. What should I do if someone gives me pledge money?
Please turn it into the school office in a timely fashion to ensure your sponsor is not mailed a collection letter. Make sure it is clearly labeled indicating it is for the Scholarship Drive and includes the mailing information for your sponsor so a receipt can be mailed. If you submit cash, please write on an envelope the amount you submitted and the sponsor’s address.  We will then go into the website as administrators and enter your sponsor as “Paid” so they won’t receive a collection letter.


12. What if I don’t know my sponsor’s address?

Please make every effort to enter all of the requested information on the pledge form (e-mail addresses are the exception). We also ask that you take care when entering your data and use correct capitalization and punctuation. With more than 500 entries, it is very time-consuming for us to have to go in and edit entries, and all letters and labels will print exactly as entered.


13. Do I have to send any thank you letters?
Liberty will send thank-you letters on your behalf to all of our business sponsors, as well as tax receipts to all sponsors (individual and business) that include thank you messaging. We do encourage you to personalize the thank you note on your webpage. If you wish to send a personal note to any of your sponsors, it always adds a nice touch, and might help them think of you fondly when you contact them to sponsor you again in the future.


14. How do I delete or edit a sponsor from my sponsor list?
If you realize you made an error when entering information for a sponsor, we will need to make those edits for you through the Administrator page. Please e-mail the corrected information to scholarshipdrive@libertyclassicalacademy.org or call us at 651-772-2777, and we will take care of it for you.


"Contentment comes when you know you've done something good for someone else, and you're not expecting anything in return."
— Bill Grosz
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