2018 Liberty Classical Academy Scholarship Drive


 --15 STRONG--







Rank Team Name Amount
#1 Team 1 - Bearside
#2 Team 5 - Northern Lights
#3 Team 6 Hagstrom
#4 Team 2 - Eastside
#5 Team 4 - Centralside
#6 Team 3 - Cityside


Gather your friends and family and join us for the

2018 Liberty Scholarship Drive!


The five-week Scholarship Drive kicks off at school on Friday, April 6th and culminates with a celebration event and golf tournament on Friday, May 11th.
During the five-week campaign, Liberty families reach out to their network of friends, family, and business contacts to generate community awareness and scholarship support for our school.
We want to make a Liberty Classical education attainable for all families regardless of their financial background, and the funds raised during the Scholarship Drive are vital to that effort. We are grateful for your help fundraising towards our goal of $200,000! 
More details can be found under Event Information and FAQs.



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